What is the LearningChess.net teaching method like? In a few words: playful, interactive, adaptive, unique and proven.

Using our interactive system you take part in a playful learning process. Contrary to the obsolete Internet systems, the scope of training LearningChess offers is wider than the usual ‘what move would you make here?’ questions. All this is presented in a humorous, playful manner.

Short explanations and unique questions help you to understand the theoretical background and chess tactics. Strategy is also taught by highlighting certain pieces and squares on the chess board. The material is reinforced with playful drawings and animations as well as a tutorial system to enable deeper understanding. LearningChess is fun to use and easy to navigate.

Every problem comes with several hints, but if you cannot figure out the solution, you have the option of requesting the correct answer. LearningChess intelligently adapts to your knowledge. Did you not succeed? No problem, you will get more similar tasks. Did you solve the problem at your first try? Then you can jump to the next topic.

Each lesson starts with a brief revision of the previous material, followed by the body of the lesson where you can acquire the new material. It ends with a short, exciting revision test, which also measures the time and your score. A lesson lasts 40 minutes on the average but it can be interrupted at any time and continued later from the same stage, which is really useful for younger children.

We based the content on Hungarian chess education methods, which has serious traditions and a leading role in chess education. As a result we have more than 100,000 users, who have access to our content developed by international grandmasters.