LearningChess is a worldwide chess education platform for everybody who is interested in playing and learning chess. LearningChess has special scholastic chess features. It is recommended not only for children but for beginners, amateurs and professionals also, irrespective of their age. There is no age limit for having fun! Success is guaranteed!

LearningChess provides many useful features to teachers; this is why it is one of the most popular scholastic chess resources worldwide. To succeed in the field of scholastic chess education you don’t have to be a chess expert with LearningChess, because every teacher can prepare for the lessons by studying our high quality chess instruction content.

The design of the website is playful. This is definitely done so to make it possible for children to become fond of it with a little help from their parents. However, LearningChess is recommended for every playful person, even as a retirement hobby.

You can be a complete beginner or already know the moves and all the basics, LearningChess will fit your individual needs with a course designed to improve your skills even more. Club players will also find great challenges at LearningChess.

If you are a complete beginner it is recommended that you start with the Level 1 – Beginner Chess Course. If you qualify as a good chess player at the amateur level, then it is recommended that you start with the Level 2 – Intermediate Chess Course, but you can also try the second part of the Beginner Course. If hardly anyone can beat you among your friends, or you are a club player between 1600 and 1800 ELO rating points then try your hand at the Level 3 – Advanced Chess Course, which will prove a hard nut to crack.

Still, if you need some help to decide on which Course is most suitable for you, you can always try our placement test free of charge.